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Preventing Nutrient Deficiencies in Crops with Picketa Systems' LENS™ Tool and Web Platform

Using Advanced Sensors and Data Analysis to Optimize Crop Yield through Real-Time Collaboration and Proactive Nutrient Deficiency Detection

Predicting nutrient deficiencies in crops can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to understanding their impact on crop yield. However, using the right tools and data makes it possible to identify deficiencies early on and take proactive measures to prevent yield loss. Picketa Systems' LENS™ tool and web platform offer growers the necessary information to do just that.

Picketa Systems Mobile App

The LENS™ tool utilizes optical sensors and digital analysis to assess the levels of various nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, and more, in crops. This data is then shared with agronomists and other professionals through the Picketa Systems web platform, enabling real-time collaboration and knowledge exchange to make informed decisions about fertilization, irrigation, and other input management strategies. By proactively taking weekly plant tissue samples and monitoring trends with the help of the LENS™ tool and web platform, growers can identify potential nutrient deficiencies before losing any yield and take action before visible signs occur.

For example, suppose a grower notices a dip in nitrate levels early in the season. In that case, they can work with their agronomist to address the potential deficiency promptly and bring the levels back to the optimal range. Doing so can increase the chances of their crops reaching their maximum yield potential.

Picketa Systems Trends
A Dip in Plant's Nitrate

To learn more on how to use the trends graph feature and how it can provide you with insights from data visualization, check out the tutorial video at 3:10.

In summary, Picketa Systems' LENS™ tool and web platform are invaluable resources for growers looking to identify and prevent nutrient deficiencies in their crops. By monitoring trends and making informed decisions, growers can ensure their crops' health and optimize yield. For more information, visit our website or contact us to book a demo.

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