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How can a Sample's Turnaround Time be a Differentiator in Agronomic Services

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

Why does turnaround time matter when it comes to plant tissue analysis? Here is a guide to why turnaround time matters to growers and how real-time plant tissue analysis can benefit them in the 2023 season.

Plant tissue analysis is a powerful tool that can help farmers and agri-businesses identify nutrient deficiencies and take timely action to prevent further crop damage. The speed of analysis, or "time to act," is critical in ensuring successful crop yields since farmers cannot afford to wait weeks or months for test results that could impact their growing season's outcome today.

Plant Tissue Sample Collection

In this blog post, we'll explore why the speed of analysis matters in agriculture and how Picketa Systems' platform helps you get real-time plant tissue analysis results so you can make timely decisions to optimize your fertilizer program and operation.

Why The Speed of Analysis Matters In Agriculture

The importance of timely analysis is especially true in agriculture, where a single growing season can make or break a crop. The crop could suffer irreversible damage and yield losses if a grower cannot identify and address a nutrient deficiency or other problems early in the season.

To understand why the speed of analysis matters in agriculture, consider the analogy of the human body's blood work. Imagine if you had to wait years before receiving a bloodwork report that could identify potential problems with your diet or lifestyle; by then, previous choices might've already dictated your long-term health, making recovery much more complicated than needed! In agriculture, the same concept applies. Just like blood tests can help identify serious health problems and help dose medication to immediately take action, plant tissue analysis can help prescribe techniques and products that can fix yield-threatening nutrient problems. And the sooner you get the results, the sooner you can take action to help your plants! If you wait too long, the deficiency or toxicity can cause yield loss or even permanent damage to the crop. Therefore, plants cannot afford to wait weeks or months for results that could impact their yields either - they need rapid actionable insights now!

Plant Tissue Analysis Agronomy

Particularly in foliar sampling, the delay in receiving results can mean a deficiency has reduced yield and quality. Speed and consistency in foliar testing are key to the in-season management of nutrients, particularly in high-value, heavy-feeding crops like potatoes. Growers need to know what nutrients are needed before yield reductions occur. Dependable foliar sampling reduces over-fertilization by allowing growers to apply a foundation amount of fertility at or before planting. Then, based on foliar sampling, supplement nutrients to closely meet crop needs. Excess nutrient application leads to unwanted environmental impacts and costs to the grower. Dave Bell P. Ag. - Bell Crop Services

How Picketa Systems Helps

Picketa Systems offers real-time plant tissue analysis for growers and agri-businesses via their LENS™ tool, which combines optical sensors with digital analysis so growers can promptly analyze crops for nutrient concentration. With just a few clicks on the mouse, growers can access detailed data on their crops' nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, and magnesium levels - all crucial aspects when deciding on fertilization, irrigation, and other input management strategies.

Plant Tissue Analysis with LENS

With this technology, growers get an accurate assessment of their crops' nutrition levels which helps them make informed decisions about how to best address these issues. Plus, Picketa Systems allows users to share data with agronomists & professionals through its web platform, allowing collaboration & knowledge exchange which are essential steps when making better decisions about addressing any nutrient deficiencies. The ability of Picketa Systems LENS™ to quickly analyze crop nutrient concentration can help growers make better decisions, save time and money, and increase yields.

This invaluable information given by plant tissue analysis helps growers quickly & accurately identify whether nutritional problems emanate from a poor supply of nutrients or from other growth-limiting factors. Picketa Systems web data visualization can be a powerful tool for growers to measure the effectiveness of their regenerative ag practices. By leveraging data-driven insights, growers can better understand their fields' specific growing conditions, helping them fine-tune their operations and reduce their reliance on nutrient inputs from fertilizers. Data regarding nutrient uptake can be tracked over time, allowing growers to identify areas that need improvement and monitor the progress of their regenerative practices. This data can be used to adjust their practices accordingly and develop more efficient, sustainable growing methods. By using Picketa Systems LENS™ and the data visualization tools, growers can become more informed stewards of the land they farm and ultimately reduce their environmental impact.

Plant Tissue Analysis Results

The LENS™ and its accessories are powerful tools that can help growers optimize their fertilizer program and take their operations to the next level. However, tissue testing results shouldn't stand alone. Analyze your soil, too. Together they have proven to be excellent monitoring tools and will provide a return on investment to your operations.


The importance of timely analyses in agriculture cannot be overstated with a single growing season making/breaking crops. Yet, farmers are often unable to detect problems until too late, incurring irreversible damages/yield losses along the way due to waiting weeks for test results!

Using innovative technology such as Picketa System's LENS™ rapidly gives detailed data and empowers users able make timely decisions. Helping optimize fertilizer programs and maximizing yields! Get the invaluable info necessary for making the right decisions at the right moments using Picketa Systems LENS™. For more information, visit our website or contact us here.

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