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Picketa Systems' LENS™

The Leaf Evaluated-Nutrient System is the first step in our quest to solve nutrient management problems through the increasing supply chain and climate challenges.

Over the last year, we have worked on developing the LENS™. The LENS™ launched a month ago, on November 15th, marking almost two years of scientific research and development. We now have a handful of LENS™ sold across Canada for the 2023 season, with limited available seats.

Watch the following 2 min clip to learn what we do at Picketa System and why one of our clients, Bell Crop Services, has decided to implement our technology in all 15 farms he works with in Northwest New Brunswick. Using the LENS™ will allow him to expand his services to more farms, bringing them immediate value by integrating technology and data effortlessly in their growing operations.

LENS™ allows agronomists unlimited plant tissue analysis without an agricultural laboratory. The invaluable information given by plant tissue analysis helps growers and agronomists quickly and more accurately identify whether plant nutritional problems emanate from a poor supply of nutrients or other growth-limiting factors. Agriculture professionals can then adjust their fertigation or apply foliar products to mitigate yield and quality loss.

No matter the crop, plant tissue analysis is worthwhile to help determine nutrient needs. As crop values continue to rise, tools such as this and soil sampling are essential to fiscal and yield success.

For more information visit our website or to secure your LENS™, contact us here.

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