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Plant Tissue Sampling for Nutrients


Make timely informed decisions to optimize your nutrient use

Picketa Systems - L.E.N.S. | Leaf Evaluated Nutrient System
Picketa Systems

Picketa Systems - L.E.N.S. | Leaf Evaluated Nutrient System

Rapidly measure crop nutrients

Picketa Systems equips agribusinesses with LENS™ to perform plant tissue analysis in seconds

Plant Tissue Sample Collection
Plant Tissue Sample Analysis
Plant Tissue Sample Analysis Results

Users can access the dashboard to view the results as soon as an analysis is completed

  • The LENS™ removes any turnaround time in the process of analyzing plant samples, allowing growers to make data-oriented decisions on time without obstructing their workflow.

  • Without shipping samples to a laboratory, LENS™ gives its users ultimate control over data collection. No need to limit and rush your data collection operations to meet the mailing services schedule. No more shipment or laboratory delays and lost excel spreadsheets or PDF reports in inboxes.

  • Plant nutrient content analysis results are available seconds after a scan is initiated and analyses results are sent to your farmers and agronomists so they can make fertilizer decisions fast.

  • The rapid analyses identify deficiencies in time to maintain the best marketable yield potential throughout the season.

  • The platform tracks the performance of fields and helps measure the impact of different varieties, fertilizer products, and techniques, season after season.

Fields Background

For Growers

Get your crop's nutrient content in your preferred management system as soon as the samples are scanned

For Agronomists

Dive deep into your clients' fields in full details

For Scouts

Take an unlimited amount of samples without shipping and complex logistics

For Vendors

Offer real-time analyses to growers, share data and tailor your recommendations with the right products

For Food Companies

Improve the traceability and optimize inputs usage to sustainably produce quality products

For Researchers

Digitize your trials and collect more data on your field's performance

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Leaf Evaluated-Nutrient System

First of its kind in the agricultural industry, LENS™ allows users to perform plant tissue analysis in real-time.

Looking for help with Picketa Fieldbook, or LENS? Click the "?" button to access the knowledge base.

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