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Picketa Systems’ LENS Expands into 13 US States with Precise Crop Management Strategy for Potato and Corn

Fredericton, Canada– [June 17th, 2024] – Picketa Systems, an agricultural technology company founded to unlock agronomic potential, announces its expansion into 13 states across the USA with its groundbreaking LENS system. This innovative real-time crop management technology is poised to transform how agronomists and farmers manage their crops, providing unparalleled insights and efficiency. With its mission to integrate real-time plant tissue analysis into agri-business workflows, Picketa Systems is making significant strides in the adoption of precision agricultural management.

In 2024, Picketa Systems’ LENS is being adopted across 13 US states, including California, Utah, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Mississippi. This expansion marks a significant milestone for the company as it partners with leading agronomists, crop consultants, retailers, co-ops, and input and seed companies. These partnerships underscore Picketa Systems' mission to advancing agricultural technology by bringing instant crop nutrient data to farmers nationwide.

Map of where the Picketa Systems LENS is being used in the United States and Canada
Footprint of the LENS for the 2024 season.

The LENS system offers real-time tissue analysis, allowing agronomists and farmers to make informed decisions when it matters most.  "Growers are impressed with the speed at which the results are available, we have been able to show the effectiveness of our products." says an agronomist at William Houde Ltée, an independently owned and operated agricultural products and services company in Québec, who’ve been using the LENS since 2023.

Initially designed for potato analysis, the LENS has expanded its capabilities to include tissue analysis of corn, a key crop for US farmers. Despite being a cornerstone crop, only a fraction of top-producing corn farmers regularly test their plants throughout the season, highlighting a crucial gap in the industry.

Xavier Hébert-Couturier, CEO of Picketa Systems, highlights the transformative potential:

"With instant access to this data, agronomists can now implement the proactive management strategies used in high-value crops like potatoes to precisely manage row crops such as corn. This presents a huge opportunity to enhance crop yields and fertilizer efficiency." He adds, "We've heard from countless farmers that the current challenges in collecting this data often result in reliance on visual cues rather than nutrient data, leading to missed opportunities for timely adjustments during the growing season."

Agronomists across the US and Canada have welcomed the LENS system for its reliability and ease of use. "This is a game changer on how we develop management strategies of new varieties that graduate the research program, it allows us to really keep a tally of everything that happened and pass that information to growers easily afterwards, and even track it for our own business intelligence." says Mac, an Eastern Lead Agronomist and Research Farm Manager at McCain Foods.

The LENS works by analyzing crop tissues and comparing them to a global database of crop conditions gathered from thousands of plants at different growth stages. Its reliability has been demonstrated through repeated studies conducted across hundreds of fields on four continents.

For agri-businesses, the LENS is the ultimate nutrient management system, providing unparalleled insights into plant tissue nutrient data. “This product acts as a lie detector, helping us stay in check and ensuring accuracy. It presents an excellent opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of our crop protection and other products, making it an invaluable asset for showcasing their effectiveness.” says Lloyd from Taber Home and Farms in Alberta, Canada.

Lloyd from Taber Home and Farms in Alberta using the Picketa Systems LENS to scan potato leaves for nutrient contents
Lloyd from Taber Home and Farms using the LENS

This expansion into the United States coincides with a significant funding round from internal stakeholders, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the company's mission. With this support, Picketa Systems is positioned to extend its reach to even more farmers and agronomists across the country.

"Our team is thrilled to witness the widespread adoption of the LENS, first in potatoes and now in corn. We believe that the LENS is not just an innovative technology but the ultimate crop management strategy," says Xavier Hébert-Couturier, CEO of Picketa Systems.

Looking ahead, Picketa Systems aims to further collaborate with leading agronomists, expand the range of crops analyzed by the LENS, and broaden accessibility for growers nationwide.

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About Picketa Systems:

Founded in 2020, Picketa Systems introduced the LENS, revolutionizing plant tissue analysis. The LENS estimates the nutrient content of 13 key macro and micronutrients, facilitating data-driven decisions for precise nutrient management. Recognized with the Most Innovative Startup award at the 2023 Innovate NB Awards, Picketa Systems is committed to transforming agriculture through responsible resource management.

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